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Acoome&Co, Manufactures robust and beautiful cups for specialty coffee market for many years, is well-known for the toughness, thinness, environmental protection, and safety of its porcelain cup. All tableware we offer is not only tough and light, but approved by FDA and IOS. No matter you are looking for cup for household use, restaurants, cafes or hotels, Acoome&Co can satisfy your needs.

We strive to create acme life for our customers by providing safe and durable cup for them.

The key features


Throwing the muddy ball in the center of the turntable of a wheelbarrow car ,drafting out the rough shape of the billet with the flexing and extension methods.

Bask in billet

Will be processed into a blank placed on the wooden frame drying.


Put ceramic products into sagger to prevent direct contact between porcelain billet and kiln fire and avoid pollution.

Fine trimming

Put the billet on the vat of a potter's wheel, turn the bogie, cut it with a knife, and make the thickness of the billet proper and the surface smooth.


Ordinary round with glazed glaze, most of the ceramic products are required after glazing kiln can burn.

Coloured drawing or pattern

In the porcelain has been fired glaze painted pattern, fill color, re-enter the red furnace to burn at low temperature.
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